Tipping Expectations

Happy March Everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the sun ☀️

I have been working on updating my pricing and moving away from the tipping aspect of the massage therapy industry. Pricing updates are simply to reflect the market as the more I have researched, I realized that I have been under market value. However, as I look back, everyone I have serviced has always been so gracious with tipping where I have felt nothing short of valued in the service I provide.

Tips have always been greatly appreciated, but the often unspoken expectation can leave uneasy/unsure feelings for some. For many, tipping is an added expression of gratitude. For others, it is simply a cultural expectation that can sometimes lead to uneasy/uncertain feelings. And many thoughts may follow: Did I tip enough? If I don’t tip, is that okay? Will the therapist feel valued if I don’t tip? Is it 15%…. or 20%??

And for a therapist or anyone working in a tipping industry, the amount received over what is culturally “expected” is often symbolic of a job well done. The higher the tip, the higher the client satisfaction. Will a therapist feel a difference of value if you don’t tip the same percentage every time you book them?

It’s a foggy expectation and I thought, hey…. let’s just make it simple! Moving forward, I want everyone to feel reassured that tipping is not expected or encouraged in my practice. Taking tips out of the mix allows you to simply understand what the service costs and if it is something that meets your price point. It takes away the guessing and the questioning, so that you can stay in relaxation mode after you are off the table. Besides, massage brain mode doesn’t want to worry about percentages anyways 😉

Still want to give tips regardless to show your gratitude?
Consider writing a google review, shouting me out on social media, or sending a message to your community about my services. That is always one other way that you can show your appreciation. But truly, what is most fulfilling for me is knowing that the bodywork that I provide has made a positive impact on you mentally and physically. That right there makes me feel valued!

Creating Mind and Body Practices for A Successful Life – A Yogi’s Thought

I can’t imagine a single individual who doesn’t desire a “successful” life. No one sets out on a grand adventure crossing their fingers and hoping they fail. Success, conceptually is simple, you set a goal and accomplish it. But the execution… the doing and sometimes even the “what comes next when you succeed” is a little more complex.

What I hope to see normalised and the direction I believe we are heading towards, is a society full of self-aware individuals. Without self-awareness, you can “succeed” all you want and ultimately never get it right. Success and its deep ties to large amounts of money and social approval can easily lead us down a path that is unfulfilling and for many, depressing. So here’s what I’m suggesting: if you want to lead a successful life, you should start by closely examining your current definition of success and have the courage to throw out everything tied to it that doesn’t align with your values/spirit and redefine it. If you’ve never done this, you may come to realise how misaligned you are in your beliefs and your practices. Or perhaps it will simply reinforce how aligned you are.

This is something to take your time with and come back to as often as you need to. I encourage you to take the time right now to make a list of your values and what makes life meaningful. If you don’t have a lot of time, maybe just jot down the first few or set a reminder to come back to this when you’re ready.

Mind/Body Practices
When you have your list of values, it’s time to set yourself up for “success” (haha) by creating mind and body practices that align or perhaps focusing on getting rid of those habits/behaviours that don’t. I feel as though this is truly about self-examination and the willingness to experiment or seek assistance from an expert. This is all about putting the definition of success to work; bringing thought and action together.

Here are 4 of my favorite tips/advice:

1.       Start small. I have a habit of trying not only to change big things about myself at a vast rate, but also changing multiple big things at once. It puts a lot of pressure on us and often it’s that pressure that leads us to “fail” instead of succeed. For example, if health is something you value and improving it means eating less processed foods or meat, then cut out red meat and start there. Cut out 1 regular processed food meal or menu item. Perhaps even one that you won’t really miss and replace it with plant based whole foods.

2.       Start easy. Utilise the power of conditioned behaviour by creating a habit that leads to you better actions and try not to choose the hardest aspect about it right off the bat. I heard a story where this gentleman made a habit of driving to the gym after work and walking in only to spend 5 minutes there. That was all he committed to until he increased that time to 20 minutes and so on. If drinking more water and staying hydrated is a priority for your health, but it’s not something you do or like to do, start easy. Set a reminder to go get water every day. Make it a ritual that you’ll at least go somewhere to access water and take a sip. A sip can turn into a glass, which can turn into drinking your appropriate amount of water to stay hydrated.

3.       Know what to do when you “fail.” We are going to fail a lot in life. It’s important to have a healthy perspective of failure. We have to be able to accept it and say it’s okay while healing any hurt that it may cause. And then we have to use the experience to either learn that the goal/ambition that we failed at isn’t something we truly value. Or we have to realise that we value that success so much that we are willing to try… and try again… and try again… until we succeed.

4.       Drown out the noise/Courage is required. They say most people live their life in fear or in love; be courageous enough to love what you love without the opinions/judgements of others dragging you down a path that isn’t true to you. Be mindful of the information you take in and pages you subscribe to. Do to the people you surround yourself with make you feel inspired and encouraged or are they always making to feel like you should lean into living a fearful life.

Don’t Wait To Begin
I hope you take the last little bit of time you have after reading this to utilise those tips and begin. Like I said, start small. Write down a single mind/body action, that you can do which will pull you into alignment with your values and definition of success. Set a daily alarm if you need to or find an accountability partner. Set a deadline to check your progress and rework the action if necessary.

Wishing you all a successful life by creating more alignment with your body, mind, and spirit (the definition of yoga)!

Spring Cleaning!

If you haven’t taken the time to spring clean yet, I highly recommend it. I recently went through a bunch of old journals and burned pages from many years ago. I was organizing a box of books and realized they needed to go. And I know that some people like to hold onto old journals to “look back,” but I decided that those weren’t emotions I ever needed to reminisce about.

It’s okay to let go!

If you’re waiting for permission to get rid of old emotions, clothes, energy, etc. You have my permission! Whatever fears you have about letting go, spring is the perfect time to face them. It’s the time to plant new seeds and watch the flowers blossom. Please, please, please don’t plant seeds of unwanted energy from the past. I’ve been there time and time again, but this year I’m letting go. And I hope you join me. So get creative! Burn old journal entries, donate the clutter and all the unnecessary items you have collected. Even better, be brave enough to say goodbye to really important things that deep down you know it’s time to get rid of. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you do!

Trust me, you have way more to gain then you have to lose! Don’t believe me? Check out this article on the 7 health benefits of spring cleaning:

What Kind Of Seeds Are You Planting?

We plant seeds everyday through thoughts, speech, and actions . The question is, what kind of seeds are you planting?

I’ve been in stages where my garden of life was muddy, gloomy, and perhaps even rotten. My mind was full of judgemental thoughts and my speech was really negative. It took people who loved me to tell me how I was being and a lot of self reflection to fully understand how I became that version of myself. And then it took a lot of work to clean it up and find a new way of being, but I’m so glad I did! The experience gave me a lot of compassion and understanding for others and also reinforced why meditation practices are important for a life of well-being.

Speaking from my own experiences, if you’re struggling with this, I would start with cleaning up your thoughts. I think that it’s more challenging to have a blossoming, colorful, kind state of mind and do or say mean things. On the other hand, I think it’s easy to do or say nice things, but on the inside be thinking unkind thoughts. So today, I’m offering a meditation practice that is intended to plant thoughts of love. Try it out for a week and please feel free to share your experience with me!

Meditation practice: planting seeds of love!

  • Set aside a time to observe your thoughts. You can commit to doing this throughout the day or at a designated time/during a specific activity.
  • Filter your thoughts through these three questions:
    Is it kind?
    Is it compassionate?
    Is it joyful?
  • If it isn’t, decide to be done entertaining the thought immediately. You can even visualize throwing it in an imaginary trash can.
  • Redirect yourself to think thoughts that bring life to you and others; think about the good things about that person or situation; count your blessings; reminisce on the kindness others have shown you.

I truly believe this practice is really important right now. I utilize it often, because it only takes one political article or some social media post that can have us spinning mentally. I’m not saying that we should ignore what is going on in our world or that we can’t hold tight to our beliefs. But if it’s our hope and goal to see a beautiful world, then we have to take accountability for how we are contributing. We have to be willing to sit with an idea, action, person… and not immediately jump to a negative conclusion. We have to think and speak words of life, not death!


What the world needs now, is love, sweet love!

Love, Sweet Love!

Over the last 2 years, I really started to take to heart the widespread quote by Gandhi that says: Be the change you wish to see in the world. But I felt like I needed to get focused… to really, truly sit down and examine not only what changes I wanted to see, but how I was going to make that happen, first within myself and then within the world around me. This task easily became overwhelming for me, living in a society where our fight or flight system feels like it doesn’t have an off switch due to the numerous threats that are constantly being brought to our attention through media platforms. So which is it? The environment, healthcare, education system, justice system, etc? There is great room for improvement everywhere and while it can seem both daunting and far off, I realized that the number one change I wanted to see in the world was more human beings, being love. So at the depth of my work is the greater mission to embody love and to support others in doing the same.

So what is this love thing that we are in need of?

Love is kindness, joy, and compassion and I believe that love is what we all are at our core. I think that certain things have gotten in the way of who we are and who so many of us are wanting to be.

So how do we step into being kind, joyful, and compassionate?

Well, not everyone’s path is going to look the same. The best place to begin is by asking the question: what is stopping you? When you find your impediments to kindness, you can discover what works best for you to remove them. I’ve noticed that it’s harder for me to be kind when my body is feeling tense and uncomfortable. I’ve caught myself several times being irritable instead of kind. So this is where yoga and bodywork come into play! I want to serve you by bringing mind and body practices to your attention, so you can discover what removes the “thorn from your side” or the “pain in your neck.”

So let’s start with some self exploration! Take some time today to be curious and examine what’s stopping you from embodying love. This is not about harsh judgement or punishing ourselves, just about self awareness. The best way to approach this might be reflecting on the times that you are being your most loving self and just noticing what makes it easiest for you to be that person.

And remember, I’d love to connect. Please feel free to comment or send me a message!
🙂 Also, be on the look out for additional blog posts.

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