Spring Cleaning!


If you haven’t taken the time to spring clean yet, I highly recommend it. I recently went through a bunch of old journals and burned pages from many years ago. I was organizing a box of books and realized they needed to go. And I know that some people like to hold onto old journals to “look back,” but I decided that those weren’t emotions I ever needed to reminisce about.

It’s okay to let go!

If you’re waiting for permission to get rid of old emotions, clothes, energy, etc. You have my permission! Whatever fears you have about letting go, spring is the perfect time to face them. It’s the time to plant new seeds and watch the flowers blossom. Please, please, please don’t plant seeds of unwanted energy from the past. I’ve been there time and time again, but this year I’m letting go. And I hope you join me. So get creative! Burn old journal entries, donate the clutter and all the unnecessary items you have collected. Even better, be brave enough to say goodbye to really important things that deep down you know it’s time to get rid of. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you do!

Trust me, you have way more to gain then you have to lose! Don’t believe me? Check out this article on the 7 health benefits of spring cleaning:

Samanthia Omega

Samanthia Omega

Samanthia is a lover of movement, a well-being enthusiast, a deep listener and a passionate learner. She is continuously expanding her knowledge of the body and mind in order to deliver the best to her clients.

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