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Happy March Everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the sun ☀️

I have been working on updating my pricing and moving away from the tipping aspect of the massage therapy industry. Pricing updates are simply to reflect the market as the more I have researched, I realized that I have been under market value. However, as I look back, everyone I have serviced has always been so gracious with tipping where I have felt nothing short of valued in the service I provide.

Tips have always been greatly appreciated, but the often unspoken expectation can leave uneasy/unsure feelings for some. For many, tipping is an added expression of gratitude. For others, it is simply a cultural expectation that can sometimes lead to uneasy/uncertain feelings. And many thoughts may follow: Did I tip enough? If I don’t tip, is that okay? Will the therapist feel valued if I don’t tip? Is it 15%…. or 20%??

And for a therapist or anyone working in a tipping industry, the amount received over what is culturally “expected” is often symbolic of a job well done. The higher the tip, the higher the client satisfaction. Will a therapist feel a difference of value if you don’t tip the same percentage every time you book them?

It’s a foggy expectation and I thought, hey…. let’s just make it simple! Moving forward, I want everyone to feel reassured that tipping is not expected or encouraged in my practice. Taking tips out of the mix allows you to simply understand what the service costs and if it is something that meets your price point. It takes away the guessing and the questioning, so that you can stay in relaxation mode after you are off the table. Besides, massage brain mode doesn’t want to worry about percentages anyways 😉

Still want to give tips regardless to show your gratitude?
Consider writing a google review, shouting me out on social media, or sending a message to your community about my services. That is always one other way that you can show your appreciation. But truly, what is most fulfilling for me is knowing that the bodywork that I provide has made a positive impact on you mentally and physically. That right there makes me feel valued!

Samanthia Omega

Samanthia Omega

Samanthia is a lover of movement, a well-being enthusiast, a deep listener and a passionate learner. She is continuously expanding her knowledge of the body and mind in order to deliver the best to her clients.

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Tipping Expectations

Happy March Everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the sun ☀️ I have been working on updating my pricing