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Samanthia Omega

Licensed Massage Therapist
200 Hours YTT
B.S. in Psychology

Samanthia is a lover of movement, a well-being enthusiast, a deep listener and a passionate learner. She is continuously expanding her knowledge of the body and mind in order to deliver the best to her clients. She is down to earth, silly at heart, and knows that the most important thing is to keep her thoughts and actions full of gratitude. Her superpowers are compassion and kindness, which enhances the comfortable and cozy atmosphere she creates with her services.

Samanthia’s passion for the mind and human behavior led her to Indiana University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. Proud to have graduated with High Distinction, she is always proving her dedication and commitment to her education through being in the top percentage of her class. She was blessed to be accepted into the IMSD Program where she completed two years of research in a Social Development Lab. This experience gave her an opportunity to put her investigative skills to the test and learn an invaluable amount about research practices. While there is a part of her that misses working in a lab, she knew that what excited her most was to serve others by being up close and personal, delivering mind and body practices for a life of well-being. This desire is what brought her to yoga and massage!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, graduating from New School For Massage in Chicago, IL, Samanthia was trained in the following modalities: swedish, thai, trigger point, chair, myofascial release, and sports massage. She is thoughtful about how she tailors each session with her clients, making sure that they feel heard and that they get the bodywork that they desire. She encourages everyone to feel confident about communicating how the massage is feeling throughout the session and to ask questions when they arise.

As a Yoga Instructor, Samanthia is confident that yoga can be for anyone. It is a practice that is flexible (no pun intended haha) and allows for individual expression. She received her training with Buffy Barfoot’s Clear Compass Yoga Teacher Training in Denver, CO. This incredible training was packed with mythology, breath-work, meditation, and a detailed breakdown of postural alignment. To remain in studentship and continue learning after teacher training, Samanthia has taken workshops with world known yogis Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, and Eoin Finn and continues to explore a variety of styles to learn and grow in her individual practice. As a teacher, her first priority is to keep you safe. Beyond that, she wants you to have fun and enjoy learning something new! In it’s true definition, yoga is an alignment of body, mind, and soul… so while that can mean practicing asana (physical postures) it also simply means leading a life that is true to who you are. Yoga can simply be being kind to others and practicing integrity and honesty.