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“I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my first time yoga class with Samanthia. It was a wonderful experience that made me go back for more classes. I did not realize how powerful it really was until my first class. She explained and demonstrated every move and helped me understand the whole idea behind yoga and there was an immediate impact. I learned how to relax and control my emotion, something I was struggling with before. Thank you for being an inspiring teacher. I admire your passion for yoga!

A wonderful experience!




“Samanthia was an amazing yoga instructor for me! Before taking her class, I’d only taken a handful of yoga courses. I am not exactly what i’d describe as an athletic, flexible or even coordinated student. Samanthia never made me feel intimidated and was able to make adjustments for many skill levels on the fly, including my own. She developed great classes built around central themes, and it was always evident her classes were very intentionally designed. My time in Samanthia’s classes gave me the confidence to walk into any yoga studio and give it a try–what a gift!”

What a gift!




“For anyone interested in a yoga teacher, look no further. Samanthia is hands down one of the best yoga instructors I have ever taken class from. Customizing both music and moves to fit her student’s needs, I leave each session energized, awake, and ready to take on my day!”

One of the best!



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